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India is home to the largest number of visually impaired people in the world. Out of 45 million blind people across the globe, over 15 million are from India. Delhi has 19 schools and centers serving the blind.

Our mission is to cover remote and deprived schools of India. The blind is living a mundane life based on donation and sympathy. It is our objective to provide empowerment and a sense of being so that they can cope in the world outside these premises.
Inside Me teaches drawing to empower these youth. Drawing helps them in academic subjects, leading to more academic success. Increased exposure to drawing will help the blind understand and represent space concept and symbolic relations. Visual art or drawing improves both academic achievement and performance on standardized tests.
Unfortunately, drawing as a subject for students with visual impairment has not been incorporated in India. But we hope to change that.
Once the subject is established in India, the talented children will …

How Do We Teach?

Anjali Pal 14 years Partially Blind

The blind need repeated hands-on experience to learn many shapes. Children with partial sight are able to observe the natural world around them. Children with visual impairment do not have access to the same type of incidental learning. A major impediment to the intellectual development of the blind derives from prejudice within society and the limitations we have placed on their education.Inside Me is helping these children learn in ways that support their disability. We currently teach at the Blind Schools, Delhi, where we conduct five classes a week after their school hours.

·         We use their fingers as eyes and teach blind children various shapes. We have a special device, which helps them to draw and understand different shapes and objects around them. Now they can say a samosa or Bingo chips are a triangle.

·       We explain concepts regarding shapes taught or discussed in class. Multiple exposures to the same shape are desirable.

·    We describe an object or concept using consistent vocabulary and comparisons in terms of size, texture and the objects the students are familiar with. Example, the face is almost the size of your palm, eyes are like almond shape and butterfly’s wings feel like tissue paper.

·        We encourage our students to use their available senses (hearing, touch, smell and taste) to widen their horizon and understand the objects.

·         We include their subject syllabus in drawing class so that understanding their subjects visually becomes easier.

·         We teach them to write alphabets so that they can write the way normal children write.
·         We teach them different shapes using molds and help them develop a mental model of how the parts can combine to create a new shape with new dimensions.

·         We provide opportunities for experiential learning as much as possible. This includes observing objects in their school premises, touching the utensils, food, and objects they are using in day to day life, as well as tables, chair, sports equipment etc.

·         We take them to museums, art fairs, and workshops, which help them to explore the world outside their schools.
·         We also exhibit their works in different art fairs and festivals so that people can see the beautiful drawings these children create.

Inside Me is committed to exposing these talented and creative children to a meaningful life – We use drawing as a medium and crayon as a tool.