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India is home to the largest number of visually impaired people in the world. Out of 45 million blind people across the globe, over 15 million are from India. Delhi has 19 schools and centers serving the blind. Our mission is to cover remote and deprived schools of India. The blind is living a mundane life based on donation and sympathy. It is our objective to provide empowerment and a sense of being so that they can cope in the world outside these premises. Inside Me teaches drawing to empower these youth. Drawing helps them in academic subjects, leading to more academic success. Increased exposure to drawing will help the blind understand and represent space concept and symbolic relations. Visual art or drawing improves both academic achievement and performance on standardized tests. Unfortunately, drawing as a subject for students with visual impairment has not been incorporated in India. But we hope to change that. Once the subject is established

Inside Me, an effort to make the blind visualize the unseen.

Dheeraj 9 years Partially Blind

Holding a crayon for the first time, being able to draw whatever strikes their curiosity, be it Yamuna River, a school van, a camera, idols, and more. Inside Me is an effort to make the blind imagine, visualize, feel and see the world.

However, helping the blind visualize is not easy. They have never seen any light, color or object since birth. Some people call their world dark, but how can it be dark if they have not seen black?
In a way they see everything because they have not seen anything.

We try to make blind children visualize by using their available senses. We use drawing as a medium and crayon as a tool. Inside Me cannot provide them sight but can help them to understand the world around them. They have been taught that roti is round, the Sun is a circle, but what actually is a circle? They eat biscuits daily, but never thought about whether it is round, rectangle or square. We make them touch and feel objects to teach them different shapes and relate these shapes with the objects they use daily.

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