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India is home to the largest number of visually impaired people in the world. Out of 45 million blind people across the globe, over 15 million are from India. Delhi has 19 schools and centers serving the blind.

Our mission is to cover remote and deprived schools of India. The blind is living a mundane life based on donation and sympathy. It is our objective to provide empowerment and a sense of being so that they can cope in the world outside these premises.
Inside Me teaches drawing to empower these youth. Drawing helps them in academic subjects, leading to more academic success. Increased exposure to drawing will help the blind understand and represent space concept and symbolic relations. Visual art or drawing improves both academic achievement and performance on standardized tests.
Unfortunately, drawing as a subject for students with visual impairment has not been incorporated in India. But we hope to change that.
Once the subject is established in India, the talented children will …

Why Teach the Blind to Draw?

Art for art’s sake?

Arman 8 years Blind

If art is essential in our society then why we are blind towards visually impaired children? They are taught all the subjects in their school except drawing. But at Inside Me, we don’t believe in limitations.

Blind children are taught that the Sun, Moon and Earth are round. But they have no concept of what round actually is, and how to draw it. They’ve felt the warmth of the Sun, but never visualized how it looks.

This perspective is also absent from their studies. In mathematics, they are taught geometry in Braille, without a visual concept of shapes.

Teaching drawing to these children is not just about how to draw a flower, the Sun, a face or other objects. Drawing helps them to understand the world around them. They become more aware of their environment and surroundings. It helps them to study better.